Sunday get-together

Time: 10:30am

Current Teaching Series: Click here

How are we meeting?
For the next few weeks, our Sunday morning meeting will be broadcast on Youtube, starting at 10.30am.
In addition, you’ll be able to join a Zoom meeting from 10.15am to connect with others before and after the meeting. You’ll also be able to watch the whole morning service as part of the Zoom meeting.

Join on Zoom
The link for the Zoom meetings in February is: 

Passcode is FEBRUARY

Join on YouTube
The link for the Youtube Channel is 
where the Sunday morning service will be streamed from 10.30am.

Why are we using this format?
We have decided to move to YouTube for our Sunday meetings for a number of reasons: the video playback quality on Zoom can be intermittent, as some of you have noticed. It is also technically demanding to incorporate live video with recordings and other presentations. By allowing for some interaction on Zoom before and after the meeting, we hope we’ll be able to maintain a sense of community, while at the same time increasing the quality and reliability of our online presence. 


The children’s group meet on Zoom at 9.30am. 
If you’ve got children or young people and you’d like to connect with our online sessions then please email for the Sunday password. To find out a bit more about our Kids sessions, click here


The youth at Kings Church are continuing to meet regularly via Zoom on a Sunday evening. 
Click here for more info about how to connect your young person with the youth group.