Sunday get-together

Time: 10:30am

How do I join? 
Zoom (including breakout rooms): 

For a number of reasons, we’ve made the decision to continue connecting online, rather than transitioning towards a meeting in real life. We’re disappointed we won’t be praying and worshipping all together at Kings  but hopefully it won’t be too long!

We really want to encourage you to use this as an opportunity to get together with a few friends (up to 10 indoors) over coffee or brunch, to connect with the Sunday meeting.

Our Sunday get-together online begins at 10.30am and includes worship, shared stories and a message from the Bible. 

The meeting follows on from our Kids session which is happening on Zoom at 9.30am. If you’ve got children or young people and you’d like to connect with our online sessions then please email for the Sunday password. To find out a bit more about our Kids sessions, click here