Our Sunday morning meetings are recorded each week and available to watch back on our Youtube channel here. 

The Gospel of John

From Sunday 10th October, we’ll be beginning a new teaching series on the book of John, exploring the life, ministry, teaching and good news of Jesus.

We are Kings Church

In this series we’re looking at who we are as a church family and what we feel God is calling us to this coming year. This will be a good opportunity to invite any friends or family along to join us.

5th Sept: Peter Johnston – We are Kings Church

12th Sept: Peter Johnston – We are Community

19th Sept: Sam Deakin – We are Missional

26th Sept: Sam Deakin – We are In

Summer Teaching 2021

5th July: Paul McKnight

11th July: All-age service

18th July: Guest speaker Denise Wilson, Community Pastor of Primacy Church of Ireland – previously working at Kiwoko Hospital in Uganda

25th July: Guest speaker Judith (Jude) Baillie, Pastor of North Down CFC Newtownards, was a teenager at Kings, ex Yough Worker and daughter of original members and also leaders in CFC, Evan and Edith Bell

1st August: Sam Howard

8th August: Anne Davey

15th August: All-age Service (Click here for more info)

22nd August: Guest speaker Yannic who is working in N Africa. The meeting won’t be live-streamed this week.

29th August: Sam Deakin

5th Sept: Peter Johnston

12th Sept: Peter Johnston

19th Sept: Sam Deakin

26th Sept: Sam Deakin

Previous Teaching Series

Five Practices of Resilient Faith
This teaching series explores the  ‘Five Practices of Resilient Faith’. 
Based on David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock’s book, Faith for Exiles: 5 Ways for a New Generation to Follow Jesus in Digital Babylon, we explore tools to develop and sustain a resilient faith and find hope in all that God is doing among his disciples today.

30th May                 Peter Johnston:     A Jesus Identity – Who am I really?                                                                     Developing a resilient identity by experiencing Jesus

6th June                   Sam Deakin:    Vocational Discipleship – What am I called to do with my life?                       Finding and training for your calling                                                           

13 June                Iain Stewart:        Formative Relationships – Am I known and loved?                                          
Exploring formative relationships in community                                                    

20 June                Stevie Garrett:      Cultural Discernment  – How should I live?                                                    
Cultural discernment by learning wisdom

27 June                Peter Johnston    Countercultural Mission – What is the outcome of my life?                           Countercultural mission by living differently    


JAMES: A Radically Changing Church
This teaching series looks at the book of James and the lives and calling of God’s people who call themselves ‘The Church’. 

You can watch our previous services on our Youtube channel here.

11th April:  Sam Deakin

18th April: Peter Johnston – James 1

25th April: Sam Deakin – James 2

2nd May:  Anne Davey – James 3

9th May:  Sam Howard – James 4

16th May : Sam Deakin – James 5

The teaching series explores characters in the Bible under the title ‘Human As We Are’ – taken from James 5:17.  All the talks can be found on our Youtube channel as part of our weekly meetings here:

17th January: Stevie Garrett – ‘Jobs for the boy’.

24th January: Sam Howard – ‘The boy who led a nation back to God’

31st January: Anne Davey – ‘Immigrant of the royal line’

7th February: Peter Johnston – ‘The man who called a spade a spade’

14th February: Sam Deakin – ‘The generous encourager’

21st February: Lynn Johnston – ‘The Thanksgiving Edition’

Our first teaching series of 2021 focused on The Body of Christ:

3rd January: Peter Johnston
To view the full meeting, including Peter’s talk, click here. 

10th January: Iain Stewart: ‘Team Spirit’
To view the full meeting, including Iain’s talk, click here.
To download the talk notes and accompanying slides, click here.