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Current Teaching Series:

Beginning on Sun 19th April, this teaching series looks at the book of Philippians.

All the talks from the series can be found here.

Previous Teaching Series’:

Seven Signs
Beginning on Sun 1st March and running until Easter 2020, this teaching series follows the Seven Signs in the book of John. The seven miracles Jesus is widely known for performing during his ministry on earth and the role they play in confirming Jesus as the Christ.

All the talks from the Seven Signs series can be found here.

From Here To There
All the talks from the ‘From Here to There’ series can be found here.

Joy: A Study of Philippians
Suffering is the shared experience of all humanity. But even in the midst of the most painful seasons of life,  it’s possible to walk through it with a deep, abiding sense of joy. The ‘Joy’ teaching series explores the message of Joy in Philippians and how we can experience it for ourselves.
All the talks in the ‘Joy’ teaching series can be found here. 

Origins: The Book of Genesis
The Origins series takes us on an 18-part journey through the book of Genesis to discover God’s purpose and plans for our world and it’s people.
All the talks notes and info about the ‘Origins’ series can be found here.

More Than Me
In this 5-part series we learn about how following Jesus means giving ourselves to a life beyond ourselves – and that’s where real satisfaction lies. The series includes reflections on Identity, community, work, leadership, generosity and more.
All the talks in the ‘More Than Me’ series so can be found here.

Pray the Jesus Way
Let’s be honest, for most of us, prayer is a struggle. Yet it’s one of the key practices of the spiritual life. In this teaching series we discovered together how to pray the way Jesus taught us.
For more info on this teaching series click here. 

Men, Women and God
With Wonder Woman topping the box office and the #metoo movement causing a stir online, the question of how men and women relate to each other in a healthy way is up for debate. We believe the ancient wisdom of the Scriptures can help us respond and live counter culturally as followers of Jesus. In this series we’ll be exploring what creation teaches us about gender, whether or not the Bible is good for women, and how this all relates to how we live as the church in our day.
For all the talks in the series click here.

The ‘Together’ Teaching series was recorded in January 2018 and the teaching is from Glen Mitchell.
This five part series is exploring what it means for us to be a people on mission together with God in our town.
The talks unpack some of the core components of our life together as a church and we discover how God invites us to follow, to grow, to give, and to go – together.
For all the talks in the series click here.