Dates: Each Sunday morning
Times: From 10.45am-Noon (ish)

We think it’s really important that we help our little ones grasp God’s love for them from as early in their lives as possible, so we have a bunch of groups tailored to different ages, from babies, right up to young teenagers. The sessions run during the main talk in our Sunday services. The kids groups start at around 10.45am, so children get to join in the praise and worship time with the rest of the church. If you’re just visiting then children are very welcome to join in with the kids work, though if it’s a bit daunting, don’t panic – children are very welcome to stay in the main session too (there are some kids books and colouring sheets near the back of the church if they get bored!).


We take the safety and care of the children who come along to our children’s groups extremely seriously, so we ask all parents and carers to register their child for children’s work before the main service begins. This means if there is a problem in the session we know who to contact and how – plus we also know who is responsible for collecting children once the sessions end.

As you come into the church on a Sunday morning you’ll see a family registration table. We’ll take down the names of any children who’d like to go into the kids work sessions, get you to sign them in and make a note of any allergies or additional needs. Children under 6yrs (in Starfish and Puffins) need to be collected at the end of the session so we’ll give you a wristband with your child’s name on which you’ll need to bring when you pick up your child. Children in the older groups don’t need collecting (unless you’d like to) so you won’t be issued with a wristband. The children leave the groups around midday and are brought down to the main meeting hall to find their adults. Make sure your child knows where you’ll be sitting so they can find you easily at the end.


Starfish is our youngest age group on a Sunday morning and is for babies and children up to nursery age (2y and 11 months). The sessions are hosted by a small team and the time consists of simple play, stories, snack times and singing.


Puffins is for our children from nursery up to P2 (roughly age 3-6yrs). The Puffins have lots of fun learning about God through Bible stories, games and crafts. They also have a small snack midway through the session and some free play time.


The children in Dolphins are in school classes P3 – P5 (roughly age 6-8yrs). Each week the Dolphins journey through the Bible, discovering how the Gospel message is woven through every story from Genesis to Revelation. The morning includes teaching, games, craft and a snack.


For those in P6 and P7 (roughly 9-10yrs), the Seahorses group spend a relaxed morning exploring what it means to be young disciple of Jesus.

Family Room

If children are not settling in their groups or they’re not yet ready to go to Starfish then they are of course, most welcome in our main meeting. If you or they would prefer a space where noise is less of an issue then our Family Room is available to you from 10.30am.
It is located down the corridor on the right hand side as you enter the church, next to the Men’s toilets. The family room has a TV with a live feed from the main hall, meaning you can stay connected to the meeting and not worry about your little ones making noise. There are usually a few toys, a changing mat and baby seats.

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