KYF (Kings Youth Fellowship) is a safe space for young people to explore their own faith in Jesus.

We meet on Sunday nights and each week we have lots of fun playing games, getting to know each other and getting closer to God. We use this group to play games and talk honestly and openly about what being a christian means to us as ask difficult questions about who God is and why we should worship him. We spend a lot of time playing group or team games and some times we play xbox and and drink hot chocolate.

This is our plan for the next few weeks:

21st – Why doesn’t God just make people believe in him?
28th- Messy Games Night!

4th – Who Created God?
11th- Christian Aid Fund Raiser!
18th- Why do people suffer?

Want to come along?

If you’d like to come along to KYF then it’s fine to just come down on a Sunday night – or you can email Kevin Moore for more info:
Email to find out more…