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12:30-1pm pray together click here
Devotional from Glen (via email, sign up here)
12:30-1pm pray together click here
Devotional from Glen (via email, sign up here)
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12:30-1pm pray together click here

Throughout the week – Community Groups – click here for info Sundays
9.45am Kids online programme via Zoom – see below
10.30am Sunday get-together via Zoom – click here

Sunday Info
Our Sunday get-together begins at 10.30am and is a short, simple time with a couple of different people sharing readings and prayers. One of our team shares a message from the Bible and then we take Communion together (have some bread and a suitable drink handy).
We follow a simple outline for each Sunday which you can view or print off here:
Download the Liturgy Guide for Sunday The meeting follows on from our Kids session which is happening at 9.45am. If you’ve got children or young people and you’d like to connect with our online session then please email for the Sunday password.

Join our Sunday get-together here:

Kings Kids get-together
Sunday 17th from 9.45am

Our kids session for those in P6 and below is a fun and interactive time for all ages. Those in P4, P5 and P6 also have a small group option as part of the session.
The link for the kids church sessions will be sent out securely via Whatsapp.
To join the Kings Kids Sunday session please contact Sarah for login info. 

Bring a friend We’ve created a simple image for you to text, email or post online – so that you can invite a friend along on Sunday.  Click here for the image. 

How do I join? If you haven’t already used the Zoom online platform, just follow these steps:

  1. Download Zoom: We’re using software called Zoom which you can download here . Apps available for both desktop and mobile (iOS/Android)
  2. Join the gathering: From 10:30am on Sunday morning click this link to join the get-together. (We will begin at 10.30am but we recommend logging in a few minutes earlier so you don’t miss the start, so you can join anytime from 10:15am.)

A few things to note:

You can join and leave at any point during the gathering. So don’t worry if you’re late or you have to leave early, please join for the time you can. We’d love to see you. Audio: To facilitate the gathering without disruption we will be keeping all participants on mute. We are planning other online gatherings for conversation, sharing, connecting and prayer together but for now the Sunday get-together will limit audio only to those planned to share. We think this will serve us best on Sundays. Video: We want to see your faces and smiles no matter where you are… in your living room, at your kitchen table… so we encourage you to set up your device and turn your camera on! Even though we won’t hear you we will see each other. Time/Format: The Sunday meeting will last around 40 minutes. Liturgy Guide: The Liturgy Guide is a simple overview of the meeting to help you follow along. A single page of A4 you can view or download here. Communion: Get some bread and wine/juice ready before the meeting so when we take communion you and whoever you are with can take communion along with us. If you have children or young people, invite them to take communion along with you. Chat Time: One of the highlights of our get-together last week was when we broke into smaller groups at the end to chat. If you feel uncomfortable about meeting in a smaller group then there’s no pressure to stay for this bit BUT we found this to be the most significant element of our Sunday get-togethers and an opportunity to connect and be family – we’d love you to stay and chat if you can. Invite: If you would like to invite friends and family to join with us send them the link on our website:

Livestream on Facebook
We are also now streaming our Sunday get-togethers on our Facebook page and the videos are then available to watch afterwards too –  the live stream on Facebook is a great opportunity for those on the fringes to dip their toes in to church from a comfortable distance so please spread the word!

Talks All the talks from our Sunday get-togethers are recorded and available to listen to here. Our current talk series is here.

Support, Prayer & Pastoral Care Please get in touch if we can help you in any way at this time.

  • Practical help getting shopping, essentials etc
  • Pastoral Care & Support
  • Prayer Ministry

If you would like someone to pray with you or a pastoral care appointment with one of our leaders please let me know. We are organising ways to do this online and by telephone. Please email Glen: We look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 10.30am.