Giving to Kings

We know that we are living in exceptional circumstances and that the spread of the Coronavirus has meant that finances are a big issue for people at the minute, and potentially a source of worry. We want to assure you we will not be putting any extra financial burden on you! We believe that generosity is a Kingdom value that we all should practice. We believe the amount someone gives to a local church should be in proportion to their income and able to be given with joy – and ultimately, that giving is an exercise of trust in God. If you are facing financial difficulty at the minute and need to reduce your giving amount to the church, do let us know – we understand.

If you are in a position to continue to give but your usual practice is to use the offering baskets on Sunday mornings, it would be fantastic if you could either:


Set up a standing order (contact


Give a one-off payment or sign up for regular giving online here


Arrange a one-off payment to our bank:(contact for bank details)

If you have any further questions about giving to Kings, please do get in touch with Glen or Lesley.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek to steward what God has given us well in these challenging times.