Compassion UK is a child sponsorship program that helps save children from poverty around the world.

In 2014 we held our first ‘Compassion Sunday’. Our hope was for a number of families and individuals in Kings Church to commit to sponsoring a child from the province of North Sulawesi, at the eastern part of Indonesia. The response was amazing and we had 50 sponsored on that one day! We’re thrilled that so many lives have been changed by the generous and ongoing giving of the people of Kings Church.

In 2015 Kings Church became a ‘Partner Church’ with Compassion. We continue to talk about and support the work of Compassion around the world, but we’ve also committed to focus our child sponsorship in this one location in Indonesia. Many individuals and families from Kings now sponsor children from this same project, the Karisma Waya Student Centre.

Please contact Janine Mitchell if you would like to sponsor a child at the Karisma Waya Student Centre.

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