Meeting together to pray is a fundamental part of being a church family. Even though we can’t get together in person to pray, we’re meeting three times a week using the online ‘Zoom’ platform three times a week. 

There’ll be opportunities to join each week at the following times:

Tuesday at 9.30 pm, Wednesday at 12.30pm and Thursday at 7.30am.

At each Zoom prayer time, the person hosting the meeting will open by reading a few verses from the Bible, with a key thought and then we’ll give space for people to share any prayer needs and also include some pointers for prayer from the Leadership Team. 

To join a prayer meeting simply click on the links below: at 9.30pm
Meeting ID: 834 2055 6555
If joining by mobile phone use passcode: 8802277 at 12.30pm
Meeting ID: 870 2793 8040 at 7.30am
Meeting ID: 283 479 2744

The password for each meeting is ‘PRAYNOW