We are a church that gathers and then scatters.


We gather together on a Sunday morning, we gather in groups for Community Group in the week, for prayer nights, worship nights and social events…

But when these things end, we scatter. We head to our unique spaces in the world and look to see and hear what Jesus is also doing in these places. We are the peace-makers, city-shapers, culture-setters in our homes, offices, schools, families and communities.

For some of us, there is also a different sort of calling – a desire to go further and wider – to discover what Jesus is doing in new places, in different lands amongst people who know very little about Him.
Overseas Mission has been part of our identity as a church since the very beginning and we continue to support a number of overseas mission families, as well as organising regular overseas mission trips.

Overseas Mission Families that we support:

Upcoming Trips: