17 September

Rhythms Tool

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As promised, here is the Rhythms Tool Glen talked about on Sunday to use individually or as part of your Community Group: Core: The key habits and routines in your life. Things like exercise, time with your key relationships, how you deal with your phone, how much you work, how to handle money. Communion: Habits […]

7 September

From Here to There : Talk Series

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We like to begin the new term in September with a series looking at some of our vision and values. In ‘From Here to There’ we’ll be looking at four big ideas for us as a church as we look to move from where we are now to where God wants to take us. Glen […]

14 August
5 July

JOY: Teaching Series

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From 7 July to the 25th August we’ll be taking a look through the book of Philippians and exploring the unexpected theme of Joy in this book. Philippians is the most joyful book in the Bible — the apostle Paul uses the Greek words for joy and rejoicing sixteen times in only 104 verses. And […]

8 April

Glen Mitchell – Origins; Genesis 14: 17-24 – 7/4/19

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Glen Mitchell continues our Origins series in Genesis, speaking from Genesis 14: 17-24 Recorded live at our morning service

18 February

Origins Teaching Series

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Origins Teaching Series

Origins Teaching Series: Exploring the Book of Genesis to discover God’s purpose and plans for our world and it’s people.

31 January

More Than Me: Teaching Series

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January 2018 Glen Mitchell takes us through a 5-part series exploring how following Jesus means giving ourselves to a life beyond ourselves – and finding real satisfaction. The series covers identity, community, work, leadership, generosity and more!

11 September
1 June

June E-News

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June E-News

Each week we send out an email with event info and prayer requests for the coming days. We also send out a bumper email every month with all the big events we think you’d like to know about, plus any church news and info. Here’s the monthly June E-News if you’d like to take a […]

7 November

November Dates for your Diary

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Every month we produce a useful list of dates for your diary. You can download this by clicking the link below. Dates for your Diary: November 2017