In the late 70’s and early 80’s, a group of students began to gather to worship God and pray for peace in our nation. The movement grew, people came to know God, and a church was born with a mission taken directly from the words of Jesus; ‘go and make disciples’.

Out of these small beginnings and after many ups and downs, Kings has continued with this vision to see people come into a relationship with God and to grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus.
We believe relationship with other churches is important, and so we are part of the Tobar Family of churches. You can read more about Tobar here. We also partner locally with various other churches and are members of the Evangelical Alliance. You can read in more detail what we believe here…

Vision and values

We exist to see lives and communities transformed by Jesus. We do this as a family of missionary disciples, joining with God as He makes all things new. Our priorities as a church are:

  • To share God’s story so more people come into relationship with Him.
  • To strengthen God’s people as we live as a community on mission.
  • To serve the common good in the places we live, work and play.
  • To send people locally and globally to go and make disciples of Jesus.

In doing all this we seek to exhibit a culture that values:

Pursuit: We’re passionate about seeking God and worshipping him in our daily lives. We’ll pursue God wherever he leads, whether that be our communities or further.

Looking outward:We don’t just look upwards and inwards. Our church is about showing God’s incredible, life-changing love to our community and world!

Family: We’re in this together. Church is about relationship, through good and bad. At Kings we are family, with each person, young and old having a vital part to play.

Servanthood: Jesus came to serve and not be served. He asked his followers to do the same. We’re not about power or influence, but seek to foster humility and kindness in our community.

Journey: None of us have got it perfect in our relationship with God. It’s a journey and one which has many twists and turns. We want to support one another as we travel deeper into God’s heart.

Being welcoming: It’s not just that we’re family, but that we want people to know they belong, that they have a place and that they are part of a bigger picture.


In Kings we believe in team leadership. We have a fantastic bunch of people who work together to equip the church for the ministry God calls us to.

Our leadership team is made up of three layers:

1. Leadership team

The team provide spiritual leadership, general oversight, pastoral care and direction for all that happens in and through the church.

  • Glen Mitchell
  • Iain and Lesley Stewart
  • Peter and Lynn Johnston
  • William Thompson
  • Ross Hompstead
  • Steven Garrett
  • Ruth Justin

2. Staff team

Our staff team are the people ‘on the ground’ who carry out the practical functions of the church, such as finances, administration, worship and children’s work.

Glen Mitchell
Leads the team and preaches most weeks
Contact Glen…

Sarah Etheridge
Communications, Children and Families worker
Contact Sarah…

Andrew Johnston
Finance and Giving (voluntary)
Contact Andrew

Lesley Stewart
Administrator and Global Mission Coordinator
Contact Lesley…

Andrew Frame
Associate Pastor
Contact Andrew…

David Whiteside
Pastoral Care (voluntary)
Contact David: dh.whiteside@btopenworld.com

3. Wider Leadership team

We have a whole host of other key people within the church who lead by caring and serving others. These include all our kids workers, welcoming team, sound and lighting team and those who lead our Community Groups (to mention a few!). We also have a team of Trustees who meet regularly to provide leadership, oversight and guidance.

Policies and Procedures

In order to keep things safe and to adhere to best practice guidelines, we have a number of policies in place. If you have any queries about our policies and procedures then please contact Sarah Etheridge.

Public Policies and Procedures:

King’s church adheres to the Access NI Code of Practice
Policy for recruitment of ex-offenders
Secure Storage Policy
Privacy Policy