Our Sunday morning meetings are recorded each week and available to watch back on our Youtube channel here. 

Current Teaching Series

JAMES: A Radically Changing Church
From 11th April we’ll be starting a new teaching series looking at the book of James and the lives and calling of God’s people who call themselves ‘The Church’. 


Previous Teaching Series

The teaching series explores characters in the Bible under the title ‘Human As We Are’ – taken from James 5:17.  All the talks can be found on our Youtube channel as part of our weekly meetings here:

17th January: Stevie Garrett – ‘Jobs for the boy’.

24th January: Sam Howard – ‘The boy who led a nation back to God’

31st January: Anne Davey – ‘Immigrant of the royal line’

7th February: Peter Johnston – ‘The man who called a spade a spade’

14th February: Sam Deakin – ‘The generous encourager’

21st February: Lynn Johnston – ‘The Thanksgiving Edition’

Our first teaching series of 2021 focused on The Body of Christ:

3rd January: Peter Johnston
To view the full meeting, including Peter’s talk, click here. 

10th January: Iain Stewart: ‘Team Spirit’
To view the full meeting, including Iain’s talk, click here.
To download the talk notes and accompanying slides, click here.