Kings Kids: Easter Craft and Songs

Posted on Apr 9, 2020 in Events

We’ll get together at 4pm on Friday and have a couple of our songs to start (with some actions and dancing!) so if you haven’t already listened to the Kings Kids song playlist on Youtube then you might want to give that a go over the next couple of days – some of the videos include the actions and I think they all have the words.. Here’s the link to the playlist.

For the craft, I thought it would be really good to make an Easter garden
There are all sorts of variations online – If you search for ‘Easter Garden’ or ‘Resurrection Garden’ you’ll find lots of great inspiration.

You can see from those pictures it can be really simple or very detailed – totally up to you!
Here’s the basics of what you’ll need if you’d like to join in and make one with us on Friday:

(You’ll need some newspaper for the table or if it’s nice you could even do this outside!)
A large bowl, tray, baking tray or even a basket (if you use a basket you’d need to line it with an old plastic bag)
A small plant pot or yoghurt pot (for the empty tomb)
A stone from the beach or garden big enough to cover the front of the tomb (plant pot)
some small sticks roughly the same size (to make one or three crosses) you could use sticks from the garden, lollipop sticks, pipe cleaners would work or even cut out a cross from some cardboard
Some soil – enough to fill your bowl / tray and also make a little hill over your plant pot / yoghurt pot – you could use sand and stones too
Some string or wire to tie your cross into shape
Some stones or pebbles to decorate
Some moss to decorate
optional extra – if you have any grass seed or flower seeds you could plant those in your garden and watch it grow over the coming weeks!

Hopefully you can have a fun time gathering all these bits – they’re all relatively easy to find or improvise..

Here’s the link for Friday: Click here
The password is: 040358